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Doctor, Doctor -- Gimme the news [entries|friends|calendar]
I Gotta Bad Case of Lovin' Youuuu

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A Secret Kept [27 Jul 2012|12:33am]


A Secret KeptCollapse )

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Heartbeat [22 Jul 2012|09:23pm]

Heartbeat Summary: Wilson is helping House the bathroom when something happens. Rating: PG OneshotCollapse )
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[15 Feb 2012|03:00pm]

I hope this is okay to post here :) I created a daily-wilson community named wilsondaily, to share the WilsonLOVE <3
Watch/Join it if you like :) I'd love to see you over there!
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Fic: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder [03 Oct 2011|05:58pm]

Author: withlightning
Pairing: House/Wilson
Word count: 3380
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Porn. House makes his daily phone call to Wilson and there is lots of talking. Also fingers and dirty images are involved -- as well as coming.
A/N: So, yes. This was supposed to be pure phone sex. Somehow that turned out to be a pornless snarky porn fic. And in the end, well, there's some porn and lots of talking. I'm not going to apologize. Also, this idea came to me as I watched 6.09 - "Wilson", and then thought about all the promo pictures of season 8 (prison prison prison) and I just had to write this. I haven't seen anything after 6.09, so this is kind of canon AU, I suppose. (This looks like to be part one of a series -- because the ideas, they won't leave me alone!)

Great, great thanks goes to katkaminion for enabling me in Twitter and to bottledminx for betaing and being an amazing support and a cheerleader and I just love you, dude - and also to ilovetakahana, even if I'm not completely sure of her role in this project. All the remaining mistakes are mine.

(“So, about that tie. I’m not wearing it anymore.”)
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Vote for James Wilson as Favorite TV Doctor in the People's Choice Awards [03 Dec 2010|08:06am]

Please VOTE for RSL/James Wilson in the Peoples Choice Award. RSL/James Wilson is nominated as Favorite TV Doctor. (Hugh is also nominated in this category in addition to the Best Actor category).

THIS IS THE LINK: www.peopleschoice.com/pca/vote/

The voting is finished on December 7.

Unfortunately, there's not enough Wilson-love on twitter.

Some rules on twitter:
You can vote several times the day
You can tweet your vote
EVERY retweet (RT) to your original tweet will count as a new vote!
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Wilson and Lamby [16 Nov 2010|07:13pm]

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Vote for Robert Sean Leonard for Most Under-Appreciated Actor in TV [09 Nov 2010|08:45am]

Entertainment Weekly:
In anticipation of our upcoming Entertainers of the Year print issue, we’re asking you, dear readers, to crown who you think is the most under-appreciated star of the year. This time around, a doctor (from House) is in the house: Robert Sean Leonard faces off against Criminal Minds‘ Thomas Gibson in the TV category . . .

Click here to vote.

Perhaps if enough of us vote, we can get a Wilson photoshoot.

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Vote for Wilson for People's Choice of Favorite TV Doctor [18 Oct 2010|06:13pm]

Favorite TV Doctor

You can choose up to five nominees in the category. Vote for James Wilson.
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[07 Aug 2010|02:18am]

2x19, 2x20, 2x21 - 80 icons HERE
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Vote For House/Wilson For Favorite TV Guide Cover [22 Jun 2010|11:36pm]

Vote for House/Wilson for Favorite TV Guide cover:

And if you don't remember, here it is to refresh your memory

hi-res version.

Thanks to Fractured Simplicity: DayDreaming for the picture.
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James Wilson Tumblr [19 Jun 2010|10:41am]

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[15 Apr 2010|09:54pm]

House MD 6x17, 6x10, 3x09, 2x16 and Hugh Laurie - 75 icons HERE
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[12 Apr 2010|12:13am]

3x10 - 57 icons HERE
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[09 Apr 2010|04:25pm]


geekygecko and I run this comm called watching_wilson, and to commemorate reaching my favorite episode ("Son of Coma Guy"), I'm doing a bit of promotion. Basically we document Wilson's every move through charts, transcripts, screencaps, .gifs, etc. We are, how you say, EXTREMELY thorough (come on, just check this out); and well I see no reason why a Wilson fan wouldn't enjoy the hell out of it. (If not for the .zip files of nothing but screencaps of Wilson from every episode alone!)

As implied, we've done every episode up to 3x07 so far; so come browse our wares and please watch the comm if they're to your liking. And please comment if you like what you see -- a simple emoticon goes a long way around our parts! :D d^_^b

Cheers and thank you~
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H/W, sick!Wilson and RSL icons [26 Feb 2010|02:45am]

[ 01-  44 ] House/Wilson (includes 7 sick!wilson icons)
[ 45 - 49 ] Hugh Laurie/Robert Sean Leonard
[ 50 - 67 ] Robert Sean Leonard

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

67 iconsCollapse )
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a House/Wilson slash community [20 Jan 2010|10:30am]

Greg Loves Jimmy Promotional Comm Banner

Anything related to House/Wilson is welcome (including sims).

greglovesjimmy greglovesjimmy greglovesjimmy
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Wilson in the House - USA channel video promo [15 Dec 2009|06:37pm]

It's one of four promos promoting USA channel's House Holiday Marathon.

or click the cut to see the videoCollapse )
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Wilson Icons [17 Nov 2009|02:56am]

10 Wilson icons.

The rest at my journal bery26.livejournal.com/5361.html
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25 icons. [24 Oct 2009|01:40am]


Here at cooloring.
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Icons and Fanarts [23 Oct 2009|02:19am]

Icons and Fanarts

[1-2] Foreman
[3-4] Thirteen
[5-6] Chase
[7] Taub
[8-20] Wilson
[21] Hilson
[22] Wilteen

[1-3] Wilson

[1] Wilber


More at my journal  bery26.livejournal.com/2361.html
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